About Us

At TECHNIDENTAL,  we are IT professionals with a serious side when it comes to technology and computer repairs. You might call us light hearted computer physicians focused on results.

Operating since 1990, we have a solid reputation. We have installed and serviced hundreds of offices . Experienced with all dental management and X-ray software.  We manage to do jobs faster and efficiently cause thats all we do. 

IT Professionals


On-site Services

We speak plainly, are honest, and provide results that don't cost a fortune. With a small office, on-site services, and remote services available, we are better able to serve you and your schedule.

Contact us at 845 551-8600 to speak to one of our computer technicians about your technical needs. We have offices serviced in your area with great reviews.


Technidental offers free  site surveys and technology assessments in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut